Professional Mould Removal

prodesional mould removal


When dealing with mould in home or workplace you will be faced with a question whether to carry out the removal by yourself or by appointed professionals. What you decide will very much depend on whether you are a homeowner responsible for yourself or a manager responsible for others. When deciding on tacking the mould removal project you need to considered the following questions:

Once you are clear on all the questions above tackle the job as any other DIY project with common sense approach and safety in mind.

If the contamination is substantial, possibly hidden or you are sensitive to mould spores and mould toxins you should seriously consider professional removal.

When looking for a professional mould removal company always approach several companies and talk to the people. Ask them how they will go about the job, what will they do to protect you and your loved ones and what will they make to ensure that the mould will not come back once you have paid them. The prices will understandably vary between contractors but keep in mind that the cheapest is not always the best. Request formal quotes and compare them and make an informed decision rather than one based purely on price because you might have to pay twice.

Professional mould removal contractors will almost always:

If you are a manager considering mould removal in your own premises you have the option or either using your own staff or appointing a professional removal company. When appointing your own staff you need to make sure that the people carrying out the work are happy to do the work, are competent to do so and are suitably protected. You need to make sure that other people working in the vicinity of the affected area are protected as well. Make sure that none of the material they be working on contains asbestos. For more information about working with asbestos see mould on asbestos page.