Leaking Services

leaking services

Leaking services are one of the most easily identified causes of dampness because their effect is often quick and obvious. Their effect on the building can be very limited or disastrous if left undiscovered.  Leaking services on the external parts of buildings are relatively easy to identify. The most installation transporting and diverting water are accessible and visible. Failure of components produces tell tale signs of water leaks.


Classic sign of leaking downpipe are dark, often moss covered, streaks or scoured white patterns.  There are many material used for manufacture of drain and downpipes and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Downpipes, drains are water transporting components are most frequently manufactures from

Particularly at risk from a leaking guttering are old Georgian and Regency building which have build in such a manner that the downpipes on the from of the building have been diverted across to the back of the building. Lack of maintenance can cause overflowing and serious damp and water damage problems.

Storage tanks

Another vulnerable components in term of service leaks are water storage tanks. They are usually used within the roof space and are made of prefabricated materials. They were historically manufactured from steel, later replaced by asbestos cement and more recently with plastic materials.

Pipe work

Build-up of mineral deposit within internal house pipe work can eventually lead to cracks and pipe bursting. Mineral deposits most often occur in cold water pipes they can be a serious problem in hot water storage vessels supplying hard water. Once the pipe work is heavily coated with the mineral deposits its replacement is the most preferred option.

Heating system
Majority of central heating systems are made of steel panel radiator which are very resistant to corrosion and damage. Most of the damage occurs during refurbishments and reconditioning. They usually crack at joints. Radiator supply pipe sand also piles of modern under floor heating systems are mostly made of flexible piping. Older systems made of steel pipe were vulnerable to cracking when disturbed.


Just to name few in a typical house there is a range components and utilities which are liable to damage and deterioration and could be a source of dampness and moisture problems. The obvious ones are toilets, sinks, dishwasher, washing machine, air condition systems and many more.