Removing mould from bathroom

removing mould from bathroom

Bathrooms are a perfect place for mould to grow as there is always plenty of moisture. With mould being able to grow on any surface you need to check all areas of your bathroom. Mould can easily be spotted as it will be a black dot. You want to resolve the mould problem before it gets to serious and spreads. It will normally start growing in corners or cracks, it will then grow along seals, cracks or joins meaning it can spread extremely quickly around a bathroom. If you see mould or suspect there is mould in your bathroom you need to sort the problem as soon as possible before it spreads and destroys your room. It is not only unsightly it will give off a horrible smell and pose health problems.


Before you remove mould from bathroom you should try and understand why the mould has grown in the first place so you can attempt to prevent it coming back in the future. The main problem with mould in the bathroom is the moisture. Mould needs and loves growing in moisture so in a bathroom this is a problem and when inspecting the mould problem you need to check if there is any damage behind the visible area of mould. If there isn’t any problem and it’s just the visible mould then you can begin removing it if that’s the option you choose, you should also consider hiring a professional mould remover. However if you do choose to eradicate the problem yourself be sure to take steps in the future to prevent the mould coming back.

When removing mould from abthroom be sure the correct safety procedures are in place to protect you and anybody else in the house:

With the correct safety procedures in place you can begin to remove the mould:

Once you have cleaned the mould away be sure to take measures to try and prevent it coming back , the best method of fighting mould is not letting it grow. Here are a few suggestions to help try and prevent the mould growing: