Removing mould from ceilings

removing mould from ceiling 1

In case there is mould on ceiling in your house then there is a good chance this is due to a humidity or a condensation problem. If you have a significant contamination of mould on ceiling the problem may be bigger than you think, even if there is only a small sign of visible mould there may be a bigger issue inside the ceiling space. A large amount of mould may be growing inside of the ceiling void cavity. If there is mould growing it may be caused by a leak above the ceiling and this could cause a serious issue. If there is a leak then it needs to be fixed before the mould is removed otherwise it will just grow back due to the moisture.


If you believe there is no further problem than just the visible mould then you can remove it yourself however if the believe that the problem is more severe then it would be highly recommended you hire a professional contractor to get rid of the problem. If you decide to tackle the problem yourself then make sure all the correct safety procedures are in place:

Ceiling mould removal needs to be taken seriously, because it will inevitably lead to disturbance and release of high concentration of mould spores into the indoor air. If you are one of the people susceptible to mould or you share a household with such a person it is strongly recommended to hire professionals to carry out the mould removal.

Once the safety procedures are in place and you are ready to clean here's what to do:

However keep in mind that bleach is not a specialist mould removal product and is effectiveness is only limited.

If you have any concerns or suspicions that the mould on ceiling has not been fully removed or the problem is worse than you thought than contact a specialised mould expert as they will sort the problem out and offer you advice.