Removing mould from fabrics

mould removal from fabric


Mould can grow on almost any material this includes soft furniture and clothes etc. Having mould on furniture and clothes is a problem as it not only looks horrible and smells but is also harmful. When you spot mould it I important you clean it straight away to remove it. If the mould is on the furniture it can quickly spread and the problem must be eradicated as soon as possible. You need to remove mould from fabric before it causes a serious problem and the furniture or material is ruined. As when removing any mould you need to make you are taking the correct safety precautions:

Once you have the safety precautions in place you can begin removing the mould, however if there is a large amount it may be too late to save it:

If you find mould on items of clothing then here is some techniques to try and save your clothes, before starting make sure you take the proper safety precautions as mentioned above:

It is important to try and prevent mould growing on any soft materials or furniture as it can easily ruin the items and may lead to stuff need throwing away. The best way to keep on top of mould is to keep checking and remove any you see. Also hoovering the furniture and washing clothes regularly will help prevent the spores landing and growing.