Removing mould from furniture

removing mould from furniture


Mould on furniture can be a serious problem and can end up costing you a lot of money, especially if you have to throw the furniture away. Mould will grow on furniture if the furniture is damp. Once mould has grown on furniture such as sofa’s or pillows it can result in having to throw that furniture away so it’s important to keep a check on catch the mould as soon as it appears. The sooner you destroy it the better. Mould can commonly be found on furniture such as cupboards, shelves or anything that is right up against the wall. This may be due to moisture developing in a small gap and making a damp spot or a leak in the wall. Be sure to check all furniture as often as possible.

Before cleaning he mould off you need to decide whether an expert mould remover is needed. If you decide to do it yourself you must take the correct safety procedures:

Cleaning the furniture will depend on what furniture is mouldy:

The best way to save your furniture is to look after it correctly. Here are a few tips to try and prevent mould growing on the furniture: