Removing mould from walls

removing mould from walls


Mould can grow almost anywhere and will commonly be found on walls. These walls may be in a house or any building. Mould on walls can be a serious problem as the issue may be more serious than just the visible amount.  The spoures may run deep in the wall (especially drywall/plasterboard) ,if this is the case then it can cause serious problems to infrastructure and needs to be sorted out properly, if the visible patches are just simply removed then there is a strong chance it will grow back.  Be very wary when searching for mould as it can sometimes be hidden not only inside the walls but also behind objects such as cupboards and furniture. If there is moisture in the air then mould can grow.

There are several things you can do to try and reduce the chances of mould growing.

If mould does develop then it is important to take control and fix the problem as soon as possible. Mould grows and spreads rapidly so it’s easier to fix it as quickly as possible. If you decide to leave the problem and ignore it then it will only get worse and the possibility for a health risk to develop. When removing mould from walls you have two options, try and eradicate the problem yourself or hire a trained contractor. This decision may depend on the severity of the problem.  If it is a small mould problem then there are some steps you can take to try and remove the mould.
When removing mould from a wall makes sure you take the proper safety precautions:

When the correct safety precautions are in place you can begin cleaning the mould. One of the best ways is a mixture of water and bleach, however before the actual scrubbing process have a check to see what is causing the issue, this may be a water leak, cracked or just a lot of moisture in the room.

If the mould is more severe and spread across a large area then you may be better calling in a contractor who will offer advice and/or remove. This will be the better option as it is a lot less likely to reappear in the future.